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Central Catholic High School
2550 Cherry St.
Toledo, OH 43608

Phone: 419-255-2280
Fax: 419-259-2848

Office of the President, Room 108
Thomas Maj, President
Marlena Kleine, Vice President, ext. 1075
Steve Dempsey ’93, Director of Operations, ext. 1157

Office of the Principal
Michael J. Kaucher, Principal, ext. 1177
Greg Dempsey ’90, Assistant Principal, ext. 1170

Main Office
Lori Stein ’79, Main Office Clerk, ext. 1171
Mary Lou Snyder, Main Office Clerk, ext. 1101

Theology, Room 114
Fr. Matt Rader, Priest Leader, ext. 1116

Admissions, Room 115
Jim Welling, Director of International Admissions, ext. 1115
Breanna Robinson ’04, Director of Admissions, ext. 1158

Dean of Students, Room 312
Lori Langenderfer ’93, Dean of Students, ext. 1356

Athletics, Room 103
Dan Gill, Athletic Director, ext. 1151
Mike Padgett, Associate Athletic Director, ext. 1150

Finance Office, Room 104
Kristin Dobrovic ’93, Vice President of Finance and Human Resources, ext. 1155
Ellen Doran, Financial Services Associate, ext. 1153
Carol Thornton, Financial Services Associate, ext. 1105

Registrar, Room 107
Sandy Faunce, Registrar, ext. 1107

Guidance Counselors, Room 107
Sean CullenAll students A-G, ext. 1131
Christine Maseman ’79, All students H-N, ext. 1135
Jessica Tobias, All students O-Z, ext. 1132

College Counselors, Room 107
Mona McGhee, College Counselor, ext. 1134
Greg Owens, College Counselor, ext. 1133

Technology, Room 114
James Kennedy, Director of Technology, ext. 1114
 Paul McBride, ext. 1192

Institutional Advancement, Room 101
Mary Dudley, Database and Communication Specialist, ext. 1056
Elaine Jansen ’05, Director of Alumni Relations, ext. 1209
Jamie Orians, Director of Marketing & Communications, ext. 1058

Student Activities
Josette McCarthy ’72, Student Activities Coordinator, ext. 1211

Kress Family Library, Room 210
Judy Chambers, Librarian, ext. 1210

School Nurse, Room 224
Lynn Reaume, School Nurse, ext. 1224

Tuition Reduction Incentive Program (TRIP), Room 105
Deb Perry ’84, ext. 1060

Cafeteria, 4th Floor
Dave Willard, Cafeteria Manager, ext. 1405

Ernie Lamb, ext. 1055
Chuck Quinn

A list of faculty and staff can be accessed on the People Page.