Guidance Services, College Planning & Student Success

School Counselor Guidance Services

School counseling is the assistance given to students as they learn to make decisions throughout their high school years. It is the counselor’s job to help students make choices that will be good for them, especially regarding:

  • Academic concerns – choosing courses suited to a student’s needs, abilities, achievement levels and future goals.
  • Personal concerns – exploring feelings about themselves, their values and their relationships with their family, friends, and school.

In addition, the following services are provided throughout the school year:

  1. Individual Counseling: When a student feels the need to talk to someone, he/she should contact a counselor. Conversations are confidential. Students should stop in the Guidance Center or the Kress Family Library and fill out an appointment slip.
  2. Support Groups/Group Counseling: Groups provide an opportunity for students who share common problems to come together with a licensed counselor in an effort to work through challenges.  Groups are confidential.
  3. Classroom Guidance: Several times during the school year the counselors meet with students in groups to explain and administer tests, interpret test results, help with scheduling, orient students to school procedures, help with career information and college applications.
  4. Parent Conference: Counselors can also help parents explore various educational and personal opportunities for their children. If parents wish to contact the counselors call 255-2280.
  5. Information: The Guidance Center provides information about careers, colleges, technical and career schools, the Armed Services, financial aid, and scholarships for post-high school education. The Guidance Center also serves as the source of ACT and SAT registration information, a place to schedule appointments with the counseling staff, and the area in which college representatives and career speakers meet with students.
  6. Testing: During high school, students will take several standardized tests administered by counselors. They include ability, achievement and interest surveys, along with preliminary college entrance tests. Results of the tests are used in future educational planning.

Counseling Staff

Mr. Sean Cullen
All students A-G

Ms. Ashley Herr
All students H-O

Mrs. Jessica Tobias
All students P-Z

Ms. Mona McGhee
College Counselor

Mr. Greg Owens
Academic Advisor

College Planning

College Planning Overview

Central Catholic is proactive when it comes to college admissions. The guidance department is aggressive in its approach to guiding students toward the best college or university for them. Curriculum choices, college admission testing, and partnering with parents are specific ways in which students at Central Catholic High School are delivered to the college or university of their choice.

Students in every grade receive academic counseling, and the focus on college intensifies each subsequent year. Central Catholic students receive personal advisement in a variety of areas, with a strong emphasis being placed on selecting curriculum that challenges them and advances them in the direction of having a competitive college choice at the end of their high school career.

Students work with test preparation specialist Greg Owens to prepare for a competitive ACT/SAT score and to begin the college search. This kind of personal attention continues as Mona McGhee, the college counselor, narrows the college choices with students and their families and works to connect students with the higher educational options that they have decided to pursue.

Student Success

Academics are the top priority at Central Catholic High School. As a college preparatory high school, it is our goal to prepare students to succeed not only at the high school level, but also at the collegiate level. Student Success Program
Central Catholic High School’s Student Success Program is designed to assist every student in achieving his or her highest academic performance beginning freshman year. The program is focused on teachers and students working together during the regular school day hours and after school hours.
The four components to the Student Success
Program include:

  • Reading
  • Testing
  • Homework Help
  • Central Source

Statistics show that students’ reading ability directly correlates to their ability to perform well on standardized tests. Therefore, the focus for all students is to improve reading ability, which results in stronger test outcomes. With improved test scores, students have a much better chance for a successful future. The Student Success reading program is lead by a reading specialist who focuses on the individual needs of the student.

The testing component of the Student Success Program encompasses everything from weekly classroom tests to standardized tests, such as the ACT. Central Catholic has a dedicated testing room fully equipped with resources to assist students. Test prep classes for the ACT are held monthly.

Homework Help
Central Catholic High School makes it a priority to assist students in their pursuit of academic excellence which results in college admissions and college scholarships. Our Student Success Program offers a program called Homework Help which is designed to provide students with professional assistance in their homework.

This takes place Monday through Thursday, from 3:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. in the Student Success corridor.

Students will enroll in Homework Help for the school year. They are expected to be on time and to commit to doing the minimum of one hour of homework each day in the Homework Help program. Students are welcome to stay for up to two hours and will have their grades checked weekly by the director of the program. Intervention meetings will occur if deemed necessary by the director of the program.

Central Source
The Central Source component of the Student Success  Program provides all students with a place to study, tutoring opportunities and instructional oversight after school. Central Source resides in the Student Success Corridor, rooms 123, 125, 126, 128 and is open Monday through Thursday from 5:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Contact: Mona McGhee, Student Success Director or 419.255.2280, ext 1134.

Forms and Worksheets

Visit the web site
All seniors need to complete and return the senior agenda form below. Completion instructions and return directions are included on the form.
Senior Agenda Form

In order to complete the college admission and/or scholarship process, the forms below need to be thoroughly completed, signed, and then returned to the CCHS guidance department.
College Application Processing Sheet
Scholarship Application Processing Sheet
Activities Resume for College Applications
College Admissions Checklist

The NCAA worksheet files below need to be opened in Adobe Reader for the calculations to work. If you receive an error message on the page, just click OK to get through it.
NCAA Division I Worksheet
NCAA Division II Worksheet

College Scholarships

If you are interested in any college scholarships, please see Mr. Owens in room 107.

High School Transcript Policy

Your academic transcript is the official, permanent record of your academic history at Central Catholic High School. Please download the Transcript Request Form and return it to Central Catholic High School – 2550 Cherry Street – Toledo, Ohio 43608. Transcripts will not be released, and your request will be returned if financial obligations to the school have not been met.

Transcripts requests must include:

  1. Full name and address of requestor
  2. Your year of graduation
  3. Your date of birth
  4. Full name and complete address of person or institution receiving the transcript
  5. Your signature
  6. Transcript fee of $5.00
  7. A phone number, address, or email address where you can be reached in case there is a problem processing your request

Academic Support

ACT Prep Course

The ACT is a test that students need to take to be admitted into most colleges and universities. Combined with a student’s grade point average, a student’s ACT score is one of the major factors used to determine his or her college admission and the possibility of earning merit-based scholarship money. This course offers students the knowledge they need to improve their ACT scores. Students have been offered millions of dollars in scholarship money as a result of improving their ACT scores after taking this course.

ACT Math Advantage

This course is designed for students who want to improve their ACT math score. The course guides students through every type of problem or concept they could possibly see on the ACT.

College Admission 101

This workshop is designed for first quarter seniors who are in the midst of making their college decisions. The college application process is made easier for students and parents. Students receive assistance with making the right college choice, filling out applications, writing college essays, writing activities resumes, and other matters relating to the college application process.

The following Student Success programs are offered during the summer and Fall:

Math Edge

This course is designed to supplement a student’s math course. Students learn concepts that they will learn in their respective math course before their teacher introduces them. This allows students who normally struggle with math to become more confident with the material because they truly have a “math edge.” This course is offered on Saturdays.

Ohio Graduation Test Prep Course

The Ohio Graduation Test is a test that students must pass in order to graduate from high school. Students begin taking this test their junior year. This course arms students with the proper tools they need to pass every section of the test.

College Admission Game Plan

This course is offered to students the summer before their junior year. The course gives students the tools they need to make an informed college decision. Students also learn where the college scholarship money is and how they can get it, and they receive ACT preparation.

Career Exploration Workshop

This course is designed for juniors to help them choose a possible career that will best suit them. Students research the educational requirements, actual duties performed, and wages earned in their potential career choices.

College Transition Workshop

This is designed for seniors who will be moving on to college. The class focuses on how to schedule classes, time management in college, dorm life, determining the right major, and any other college questions that a student may have.

Parent Workshops

These workshops are offered separately to parents of students in each grade level. They focus on guiding the parents through what their students are experiencing and showing them what they can do to assist their students on the road to college success.