Department Overview

The Health and Physical Education Department at Central Catholic offers classes both mandated by the state as well as electives. Health classes focus on a “wellness” approach. Subjects include: systems of the body, responsible decision-making, personality, mental health, stress, suicide, substance abuse, addiction, nutrition, reproduction and STIs, fitness for life, and first aid. Physical Education I and II are also offered, which focus on physical fitness and team sports. Sportsmanship, rules, cooperation, and teamwork are emphasized in a coed environment that focuses more on effort than athletic ability. Exercise Physiology is offered as an elective after succession completion of P.E. I and II. This self-directed course allows students to track and record their fitness progress during a semester. Central Catholic has top-notch facilities that include: three gymnasiums, football/soccer fields, an outdoor track, a softball field, and two weight rooms to be utilized by the students.

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