National Honor Society
Raymond G. Kirsch Chapter
Central Catholic High School

Chapter Bylaws

Article I – Most Recent Ratification

The Faculty Council most recently ratified the policies set forth by these bylaws of the chapter on March 2, 2017. This document has been found to conform to the regulations set forth in the Constitution of the National Honor Society of Secondary Schools revised by the National Council of the National Honor Society in May 2008. The current principal of Central Catholic High School indicated his required approval of these chapter bylaws.

Article II – Name and Purpose

The name of this chapter of the National Honor Society at Central Catholic High School in
Toledo, Ohio shall be the Raymond G. Kirsch Chapter of the National Honor Society. The
purpose of this chapter shall be to give support and honor to all members of the Central Catholic community, whether student, faculty, staff, or administrator; to develop an enthusiasm for scholarship, an avenue for service, an ambition for leadership, and an example of sound character; and to secure for its members whatever intellectual and spiritual advantages that may be derived from co-operative membership.

Article III – Membership

Section I – New Member Induction

Membership candidacy will be extended to those students who are maintaining a grade point average of 3.50 or above. Candidates must conform to the following requirements:
Attendance at Central Catholic for at least one semester. Finished the first semester of sophomore year.
Comply with Acts of Mercy as established by Central Catholic High School.
Participate in a minimum of one Central Catholic sport, organization, or club.
Satisfy the requirements of any financial aid award agreement presented by Central Catholic High School.
Candidates must submit the provided application form and a 300-word essay describing what the applicant plans to contribute to the National Honor Society. Candidates must also attend an interview with our officers. There is an initial $10 dues, along with payment for senior honor cords. The Faculty Council, described in Article IV, will review all of the documentation of each candidate, including faculty evaluation ratings of each individual. The Faculty Council will determine by majority vote which candidates will be selected for membership. All information concerning this selection process will be kept strictly confidential. Parents or other legal guardians have no legal authority to view application documents. All such documents will be destroyed within 30 days of selection or non-selection of applicants. The principal shall hear appeal cases concerning the non-selection of candidates. Attendance at induction is mandatory for new inductees. Induction ceremonies are held at a pre-announced date in the spring of each year.

Section II – Transfer Students

National Honor Society members who transfer to Central Catholic will be exempt from the “one semester attendance at Central Catholic” policy so long as they can produce a letter from the principal of their previous school confirming their membership. Transfer students must meet the membership requirements of this chapter within one semester in order to retain membership.

Section III – Maintaining Membership

All National Honor Society members must continually satisfy the following requirements, which are based on the four main principles of the National Honor Society.
Character: Demonstrate the “Six Pillars of Character”: fairness, caring, citizenship,
trustworthiness, responsibility, and respect.
Participate in at least one Central Catholic organization other than National Honor Society.
Follow Central Catholic High School Code of Conduct at all times.
Abstain from cheating; plagiarizing; using, selling, or distributing drugs or alcohol; or being directly dishonest toward any administrator, faculty member, or benefactor of Central Catholic High School.
Return the contract document signed by both the member and his or her parent(s)/guardian(s) thus indicating an understanding and agreement to the chapter bylaws in their entirety.
Scholarship: Maintain a grade point average of 3.50 or above.
Leadership: General meetings are mandatory for all members. Meetings are held on the
one Wednesday morning of every month (as voted on by the chapter) from September to May, unless rescheduled due to a calendar conflict. Additional committee meetings require attendance as well. Permission for absence must be in writing and presented to an advisor no later than the day prior to the scheduled meeting for approval. A parent or guardian’s signature must be present on the letter of permission. If an emergency occurs, an email from student and parent will suffice.
Satisfy the requirements of any financial aid award agreement presented by Central Catholic High School.
Service: Participate actively and willingly in a minimum of one quarterly service project
sponsored by the chapter and scheduled by the Executive Board.
Comply with the Acts of Mercy service hours requirement as established by Central Catholic High School.

Section IV – Senior Honor Cords

At the spring induction ceremony, each senior member of the National Honor Society will be awarded honor cords to wear at the Commencement Exercise of his or her class. Only
members who have complied with all of the above aforementioned membership requirements (Section III) will be eligible to receive the honor cords. Under no circumstances will any former member of the National Honor Society be awarded honor cords because terminated members are never again eligible for membership or its benefits.

Article IV – The Faculty Council

The Faculty Council shall consist of five voting faculty members appointed annually by the principal. The chapter advisors shall serve as sixth and seventh, ex-officio, non-voting members of the council. Members’ terms shall be one year with no limit on the number of terms that one can serve. The Faculty Council shall meet at least once a year to select members, hear dismissal cases, and review the chapter bylaws, amending them if deemed necessary.

Article V – Executive Board

Section I – Board Members
The Executive Board shall consist of the following positions: two chapter advisors and seven elected officers: a President, a Vice-President, a Recording Secretary, a Corresponding Secretary, a Historian, and a Sergeant-at-Arms. The advisors will be appointed annually by the principal: all other Committee members will be elected as described in Article VII. The principal of Central Catholic High School reserves the right to approve or veto any decisions of the Committee.

Section II – Executive Board Powers and Responsibilities

The Executive Board as a whole has the responsibility or power to do the following:
Fulfill all National Honor Society requirements as stated in Article III, Section III or the chapter bylaws (except advisors).
Gather at least once a month to discuss the agenda for the monthly general meeting and
schedule the service projects and activities for the entire National Honor Society.
Conduct general meetings once a month for all members.
Participate in as many service projects as possible.
Serve as liaisons between the Executive Board and any established committees of members (except advisors).
Keep accurate records of attendance at meetings, volunteerism for and participation in service projects, and the collection of dues.

Section III – Duties of the Individual Executive Board Members

The Advisors: serve as ex-officio, non-voting members of the Faculty Council; act as liaisons to the administration, faculty, and community, distribute written warnings of probation, organize a dismissal hearing for members who fail to meet National Honor Society requirements; supervise the day-to-day activity of the chapter and Executive Board in conjunction with the President.
The President: prepare an agenda for and preside over all meetings of the Executive Board and the entire chapter: maintain the chapter bylaws, activate a system for emergency contact among Executive Board members; act in conjunction with the advisors to oversee the day-to-day supervision of the chapter and Executive Board; act as a liaison to the administration, faculty, and community as directed by the advisors.
The Vice-President: assist the President when needed; substitute for the President in his or her absence; coordinate and maintain a record of requirement fulfillment (service hours/attendance) for all members; succeed the President should a vacancy in that office occur.
The Recording Secretary: record and type the minutes of the Executive Board meetings and those of general chapter meetings; make available duplicated meeting minutes; keep record of the attendance at all National Honor Society meetings, both of the Executive Board and the entire chapter.
The Corresponding Secretary: maintain correspondence with the administration and other
outside contacts of the chapter; coordinate National Honor Society members to help create posters and banners advertising National Honor Society service projects; post necessary announcements on the National Honor Society bulletin board; compose announcements for the National Honor Society sponsored service projects; write articles for the school newspaper concerning the National Honor Society.
The Historian: maintain the National Honor Society bulletin board; photograph National Honor Society events; compile a scrapbook of National Honor Society events and activities: design a presentation board for the school Open House.
The Sergeant-at-Arms: accept the responsibility for the acquisition of a record of attendance at general chapter meetings; maintain order at general chapter meetings; assist the President in ensuring that meetings follow order; coordinate the donation of refreshments for general chapter meetings.

Article VI – Meetings
Meetings of the Executive Board shall be scheduled weekly, excluding the Wednesdays on which general meetings are held. General meetings of the entire National Honor Society chapter shall be scheduled for once every month. Members are expected to attend all meetings. Exceptions to this requirement are determined by the advisors and must be requested in writing as soon as a need for the exception arises.

Article VII – Elections

Section I – Candidacy Requirements

Elections shall occur at the September general meeting. Potential candidates must apply for nomination through the advisors and prepare a speech to present to the members of the chapter. Officer candidates can be juniors or seniors.

Section II – Electoral Balloting

Elections shall occur at the September general meeting. All new officers will be elected using a secretly written ballot tallied as a simple majority vote of the chapter members present at that meeting.

Section III – Length of Term and Vacancies

A term of office shall last one school year from the September general meeting of the current year to the May meeting of the following year. Should a vacancy in an office arise, the vacancy shall be filled by appointment except in the office of the President; the Vice-President will take the place of the President. The Executive Board will determine the replacement.

Article ​VIII – Disciplinary Procedures

Problems or conflicts with a member, including officers, are taken seriously. If a member fails to abide by the requirements of the Raymond G. Kirsch Chapter of the National Honor Society, he or she is subject to the following consequences.

Section I – Probation

Members who fall below the standards stated in Article III, Section III regarding GPA and
service requirements shall receive written notification. Those who miss a meeting without an excused absence will also receive a warning as their “probation.” The chapter advisors in conjunction with school administration shall determine a probationary period in which to correct the deficiency or resolve the violation. The length of the probationary period will be a minimum of ten weeks. For probationary periods issued due to a scholarship violation (not meeting the minimum grade point average), a quarter long probation will be mandatory. Only one such probation will be permitted for each member. If a second violation or deficiency occurs, a hearing before the Faculty Council will be scheduled as described below in Section III.
Members who are placed on probation may not participate in any chapter activities, including meetings, for the duration of the probationary period. At the end of the probationary period, the member will be notified in writing of reinstatement of full membership or a hearing before the Faculty Council will be scheduled if the deficiency has not been resolved or the violation has not been corrected. If full membership is reinstated, the member must still complete the annual membership requirements by the advertised deadline.

Section II – Violations Constituting Immediate Dismissal Hearing

Actions constituting an immediate dismissal hearing include any flagrant violation of school rules; violation of federal, state, or local laws including, but not limited to using, selling, or distributing drugs or alcohol; plagiarism; cheating on schoolwork; and direct dishonesty toward any Central Catholic faculty member, administrator, or benefactor. Permanent termination of membership because of any of the aforementioned violations will be determined after a dismissal hearing before the Faculty Council.

Section III – Dismissal Hearing
Once a dismissal hearing has been scheduled, the Faculty Council shall determine the course of action. This is considered the due process for members failing to meet chapter requirements. Present at the hearing shall be all seven members of the Faculty Council, the member in question, and an adult advocate of his or her choice. Only one member shall have a hearing at a time. Members who resign from membership or who are dismissed are never again eligible for membership or its benefits.
The principal shall hear appeal cases concerning dismissal. The National Council of the
National Honor Society shall hear no appeal cases.

The Central Catholic High School Guidance Department shall not create or terminate
membership in the National Honor Society of any student without the request or approval of the Faculty Council.

Article IX – Ratification/Amendment Procedures

A simple majority vote of the Faculty Council is needed to ratify or amend any changes to these bylaws. The principal of Central Catholic High School, who reserves the right to veto any decision of the council, must approve all changes.