International Student Program

International students from all over the world are welcome to Central Catholic High School. Students who desire a first class education, with a goal of applying to world class Universities in the United States like Stanford University and Notre Dame University, should strongly consider attending Central Catholic.

In addition to the highest standard in science and math programs, Central Catholic values its international students and strives to both educate and learn from our diverse student population, blending cultures artistically and educationally into our program. We are committed to the pursuit of excellence to provide the highest professional standards in education and service towards the changing needs of our international students.

Central Catholic understands the importance of the international student program, and has a International Program Director dedicated to our international students, parents and agencies. Dr.  Paulita Fernandez is a native Chinese Mandarin speaker and writer. If you want to apply in Chinese – go for it! We welcome you!我们欢迎你!

Central Catholic understands what it takes in deciding which school to attend, with programs to enable international students to achieve the best outcome and fulfill their academic goals. Central Catholic offers rigorous college prep, honors and AP courses. The school has academic and college counselors on staff, working with students on a daily basis to ensure they are reaching high school graduation requirements and are accepted into the college.

To further support our international students, we offer ESL classes/ACT/TOEFL preparation and subject tutoring.

To apply, you will need to complete the Application for International Student Admission.

Please contact Dr. Paulita Fernandez at or call 419-255-2280 with any questions about International Student Admissions.