Transfer Process

Central Catholic High School believes that qualified students should have the opportunity to pursue their education in a challenging environment, surrounded by like-minded students. Current Class size and available resources play an integral role in our ability to accept transfer students. Please use the information below to guide your transfer application process. We want to assist students and parents in making your transfer experience as simple as possible. Please contact the Admission Office if you have any questions or concerns at 419-469-8739.

Acceptance Policies

  • Central Catholic will accept Freshmen, Sophomore and Junior transfer applications through the first two weeks of the academic year and at mid-year.
  • A family interview is required for all transfers.

Requirements for Transfers

  1. The transfer student application along with a current high school transcript is required for the admissions committee to review. High School Placement Test scores are not required, but if available will be considered along with state/standardized test scores. However, the primary academic criteria for admissions decisions will be based on strong academic performance. Grades and GPA below a “C”/2.0 may affect a favorable review.
  2. Applications for Auxiliary Services Program require a current educational evaluation (within the last two years) for  consideration.


Before the desired transfer date, the application and unofficial transcripts will be due to the Admissions Office. Before the intended start date the following will be due:

  • Enrollment/registration deposit
  • Tuition/Signed payment agreement
  • Letter from current high school confirming good standing
  • Student Information Form
  • Official Transcript from the previous/current high school
Please submit all necessary documents to the Central Catholic Admissions Office via fax, email, or mail:

Fax: 419-259-2848
Mail: Central Catholic High School, Attn: Admissions, 2250 Cherry Street, Toledo, OH 43608

Transfer Student Application

Step 1 of 4 - Student Information

  • To be completed by the parents: