Student Success

Central Catholic offers a variety of academic assistance programs to all students.

Daily Tutoring

The tutoring program runs Monday through Thursday from 3:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Tutors are readily available to assist students in any subject area. Students may drop in and receive as much assistance with their schoolwork as they need.

Academic Organization Workshop

Students learn how to become organized, but they also learn the importance of the grade point average, how to calculate their grade point average, how to take notes, how to develop good study habits, time management, writing skills, character development, communication skills, research skills, important vocabulary, and the power of choices. This 12-hour workshop takes place on Saturdays for six weeks.

ACT Prep Course

The ACT is a test that students need to take to be admitted into most colleges and universities. Combined with a student’s grade point average, a student’s ACT score is one of the major factors used to determine his or her college admission and the possibility of earning merit-based scholarship money. This course offers students the knowledge they need to improve their ACT scores. Students have been offered millions of dollars in scholarship money as a result of improving their ACT scores after taking this course.

ACT Math Advantage

This course is designed for students who want to improve their ACT math score. The course guides students through every type of problem or concept they could possibly see on the ACT.

College Admission 101

This workshop is designed for first quarter seniors who are in the midst of making their college decisions. The college application process is made easier for students and parents. Students receive assistance with making the right college choice, filling out applications, writing college essays, writing activities resumes, and other matters relating to the college application process.

Math Edge

This course is designed to supplement a student’s math course. Students learn concepts that they will learn in their respective math course before their teacher introduces them. This allows students who normally struggle with math to become more confident with the material because they truly have a “math edge.” This course is offered on Saturdays.

College Admission Game Plan

This course is offered to students the summer before their junior year. The course gives students the tools they need to make an informed college decision. Students also learn where the college scholarship money is and how they can get it, and they receive ACT

College Transition Workshop

This is designed for seniors who will be moving on to college. The class focuses on how to schedule classes, time management in college, dorm life, determining the right major, and any other college questions that a student may have.