Counseling Staff

Mr. Sean Cullen

All students A-L

Mrs. Jessica Tobias

All students M-Z

Ms. Mona McGhee

College Counselor

Guidance Services

School counseling is the assistance given to students as they learn to make decisions throughout their high school years. It is the counselor’s job to help students make choices that will be good for them, especially regarding:

  1. Academic concerns – choosing courses suited to a student’s needs, abilities, achievement levels and future goals.
  2. Personal concerns – exploring feelings about themselves, their values and their relationships with their family, friends, and school.

In addition, the following services are provided throughout the school year:

  1. Individual Counseling: When a student feels the need to talk to someone, he/she should contact a counselor. Conversations are confidential. Students should stop in the Guidance Center or the Kress Family Library and fill out an appointment slip.
  2. Support Groups/Group Counseling: Groups provide an opportunity for students who share common problems to come together with a licensed counselor in an effort to work through challenges. Groups are confidential.
  3. Classroom Guidance: Several times during the school year the counselors meet with students in groups to explain and administer tests, interpret test results, help with scheduling, orient students to school procedures, help with career information and college applications.
  4. Parent Conference: Counselors can also help parents explore various educational and personal opportunities for their children. If parents wish to contact the counselors call 255-2280.
  5. Information: The Guidance Center provides information about careers, colleges, technical and career schools, the Armed Services, financial aid, and scholarships for post-high school education. The Guidance Center also serves as the source of ACT and SAT registration information, a place to schedule appointments with the counseling staff, and the area in which college representatives and career speakers meet with students.
  6. Testing: During high school, students will take several standardized tests administered by counselors. They include ability, achievement and interest surveys, along with preliminary college entrance tests. Results of the tests are used in future educational planning.


College Planning Overview

Central Catholic is proactive when it comes to college admissions. The guidance department is aggressive in its approach to guiding students toward the best college or university for them. Curriculum choices, college admission testing, and partnering with parents are specific ways in which students at Central Catholic High School are delivered to the college or university of their choice.

Students in every grade receive academic counseling, and the focus on college intensifies during the junior year. Central Catholic students receive personal advisement in a variety of areas, with a strong emphasis being placed on selecting curriculum that challenges them and advances them in the direction of having a competitive college choice at the end of their high school career.

During their junior year, students work with test preparation specialists to prepare for a competitive ACT/SAT score and to begin the college search. This kind of personal attention continues as Mona McGhee, the college counselor, narrows the college choices with students and their families and works to connect students with the higher educational options that they have decided to pursue.

“Each year it is a thrill to hear Central Catholic graduates return to this campus providing feedback about how well prepared they were by the faculty of Central Catholic High School,” says Ms. McGhee. “As the college counselor, I find it exciting to have the recipe that colleges and universities are seeking as they fill their respective freshmen classes. They want students that come from a diverse setting and have a great deal of respect for the institution of higher learning.

“As I write each letter of recommendation on behalf of a Central Catholic student, it is easy for me to fill these letters with praise for our academic competence and our character education. It is the ‘hidden curriculum’ in every school that should be the strongest source of pride. At Central Catholic High School, the hidden curriculum, the things that they are learning about respect and being the best person that they are capable of being, is present in every letter of recommendation for colleges, universities, and scholarships.”

Academics are the top priority at Central Catholic High School. As a college preparatory high school, it is our goal to prepare students to succeed not only at the high school level, but also at the collegiate level. The STARS (Student Testing and Academic Resource Services) program is a program available to all Central Catholic students as well as other interested high school students in the City of Toledo. The program includes the following classes:

  • Transition Class – designed to walk with students as they enter their high school career to insure that they have the focus and study skills to reach their greatest academic potential
  • Math Edge – enhances students’ performance in their respective Math curriculum
  • Test Smart- a course designed for returning sophomores which explores the respective tests that they will engage in during their sophomore year, including PLAN, PSAT and OGT
  • College Admission Game Plan Class – for students entering their junior year, it explores researching prospective colleges and preparing for the ACT

In addition to these summer enrichment opportunities, STARS provides daily tutoring through homework assistance throughout the week and on weekends to ensure that students get the support that they need to advance their academic achievement goals.