Sophomore Summer Success

The Sophomore Success Course is an opportunity for students entering their sophomore year to gain the following:

  • Knowledge of their cumulative grades
  • ACT Practice-ACT Booster
  • Academic goal setting for sophomore year
  • College admission information
  • Activity and leadership goal setting

Once students complete their freshman year, it is critical for them to continue their academic planning for success.  The college admission test, ACT, is one area that either helps or hinders a student in their search for money for college expenses.  Students will receive an ACT Booster Course, information about creating an ACT account, and begin practicing the ACT, prior to entering their sophomore year.  The ACT combined with competitive grades will afford the student many opportunities to gain merit-based money for college.  Merit-based money is the most efficient way to pay for the expense of college.

Students voice their concern about lack-of-time during the school year for ACT preparation, college planning, and academic goals.  This course is a perfect opportunity for students to focus on their future.  Please accept this invitation to enroll in the Sophomore Success Course, today.

Sophomore Success will meet eight times (two weeks of four days each):
July 22-25, July 29-31, and August 1, 2019 from 12:00 – 2:00 p.m.

Each course is $25.00.  Payment can be made on or before the first day of the course.
Registration is available online at
All courses will be held at Central Catholic High School.

Questions about the course should be directed to: Mona McGhee at 419-469-8719 or email:
Questions about completing your registration should be directed to:  Mary Dudley at 419-469-8707 or e-mail: