Supporting Central Catholic Is An Investment In The Future


Central Catholic High School has been alive and growing for over 90 years thanks to our generous benefactors. With the assistance of our alumni and friends, many students are able to enjoy a Catholic education that otherwise would be out of their financial reach. Our campus is being designed to meet the needs of our students far into the future, and we offer programs and activities that provide them with the best opportunities for growth and success.

In order to continue meeting the needs of our students, we consistently rely on Central Catholic’s supporters. Investing in Central Catholic is investing in the leaders of tomorrow. There are many ways to invest… which one is right for you?

Central Catholic uses a Foundation Fund to ensure that gifts to CCHS are handled in an efficient and tax-effective manner. The fund holds, manages, invests, and disburses resources, such as scholarship and capital improvement monies, which are dedicated to the enhancement and growth of the school.