December 15, 2014 Update:

On Saturday, Toledo Central Catholic competed in the Napoleon Invitational held at the Ayersville High School Natatorium in Defiance.  The girls team took home a 12th place finish out of 16 teams while the boys team did not finish with any points.  Here are the individual and relay results:
Name                            Event                                Place                            Time
Theresa Kozsycki        200IM                                1st                                2:28.99
Theresa Kozsycki        100Free                             6th                                59.96
Angel Freeman            50Free                              31st                            31.64
Sydni Whitton               50Free                              44th                             33.69
Kylia Coleman              50Free                              55th                             34.35
Alexa Rooney               50Free                              68th                             35.89
Zhane Crockett             50Free                             81st                             38.61
Bailey Thabit                 50Free                             88th                             40.49
Jacquelyn Adamson     50Free                              89th                             40.86
Grace O’Neill                50Free                              96th                              45.15
Ashley Herman             50Free                              99th                               48.09
Alexa Rooney               100Free                            33rd                              1:14.09
Angel Freeman             100Free                           34th                               1:14.16
Sydni Whitton                100Free                           45th                              1:17.68
Kylia Coleman               100Free                            57th                               1:20.65
Zhane Crockett             100Free                            72nd                             1:32.55
Bailey Thabit                 100Free                            73rd                                1:33.60
Jacquelyn Adamson      100Free                           75th                                 1:37.54
Grace O’Neill                 100Free                           78th                               1:38.67
Ashley Herman              100Free                           84th                               2:00.52
Alex Iannucci                 50Free                              18th                               27.81
Isaac Shultz                   50Free                               53rd                              36.27
Aaron Campos              50Free                               58th                               38.13
Conor Thomas              50Free                               59th                                42.33
Alex Iannucc                 100Free                             27th                                1:05.86
Aaron Campos              100Free                             57th                               1:27.93
Isaac Schultz                 100Free                             59th                                1:31.47
Conor Thomas              100Free                            61st                                 1:36.45